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Direct cremation

What is direct cremation? It’s basically a cremation at its quickest and simplest with no funeral service, no mourners will attend, the funeral date will not be advertised and will be chosen at the earliest convenience by us.

The body goes straight to the crematorium to be cremated usually in a very simple, plain coffin. This requires certain legal paperwork to be signed by next of kin or executors before this can take place. After the cremation, the remains are returned to the loved ones, to be kept or scattered somewhere chosen by family or at the crematorium.

The appeal of cremation without a funeral

Direct Cremation means a simple, dignified send off and is particularly appealing to people who don’t feel the need for a formal, ceremonial funeral service. Preferring instead to hold an alternative farewell ceremony, celebration of life or memorial service at a later date. 

Reasons why people choose direct cremation

  • Beyond cost, there are many more reasons why people choose direct cremation, either for themselves or for a loved one.
  • Simple and dignified – If you want the minimum of fuss, this is a simple yet dignified option.
  • More choice – The simplicity of a direct cremation, leaves you free to organise a celebration of life or memorial service in any style or place you choose.
  • Inclusive – For those who aren’t religious or have friends and family with varied beliefs, a direct cremation followed by a personal celebration or memorial service could mean more to everyone than a traditional funeral service.
  • Time to reflect – With more time to plan a gathering or celebration of life, being able to properly plan a suitable time when family and friends can come together to remember the life of a loved one is easier.
  • Less upsetting – Seeing a coffin and knowing a loved one is inside can be difficult for some people. Bypassing this step and remembering the person in a different way, can make saying goodbye a more personal and positive experience.

Key Facts

  • You do not visit the person who died
  • You have no choice of Crematorium, date or time
  • There is no service at the Crematorium
  • You will get the remains which you can scatter, divide or keep
  • The remains are portable. If the family wish “to take them home”, this may be abroad.


  • Funeral Directors time and overheads (including simple coffin).
  • Cremation fees.
  • Doctors fees for Cremation forms (legally required) £82 x2 if a coroner is not involved.
  • Direct Cremations from £1,325  – please contact us for more information.

To find out more about direct cremations, talk to us on 01227 374995 or send us a message using our contact form

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